Need a specialty item for your healthy living and wellness regimen? Look no further than Roberts Health Foods. Roberts is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Central Kentucky for over 40 years. We proudly support Roberts Health Foods, we hope that you will, too! Click their logo on the left to be directly connected to their webpage. Let them know that we sent you! 
Looking for a chiropractic office to call your own? Look no further than our personal chiropractic office. Head on over to Triple Crown Chiropractic and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jenny or Dr. Matt! It is always a pleasure to have adjustments and spinal manipulations at Triple Crown. This office provides excellent care with a side of positive energy and dedication to each patient that walks through the door! By keeping the spine aligned and flexible, we allow our body's own natural information highway to work at optimal levels. Click their logo on the left to be directly connected to their webpage and schedule your appointment today. Let them know that we sent you!
Sometimes our clients need additional therapies to assist them on their journey of healing and wellness. For some, that time calls for acupuncture, an ancient art that has been practiced and utilized for over 4,000 years. When our clients show signs that acupuncture could be beneficial, we refer them to Sustaining Health Acupuncture. We receive very positive feedback from the clients who seek acupuncture at Sustaining Health! Click their logo on the left to be directly connected to their webpage. Let them know that we sent you!